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I can fly! says Peanut the Doxie

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I have big ears!

My ears are like wings and I can fly.

Mom says, "No, Peanut. You cannot fly!" But "mom," I say, "I can fly."

I fly all the time but you don't notice. I fly every time you let me out of the house. I fly at the park. I fly when I go to grammas." I just get ready to run. I run real fast. And when I get so far, I fly. My ears help me fly. They flap all over! My ears must be like wings because they help me fly. I wish I had feathers, then you would believe me.

Dad said, "Peanut, if you want to prove you can fly, I will take a video."

"Yes," I said. "Dad, take a video. I can really fly. Flying is so much fun. You will see! You and Mom will be surprised!"

Ooops, Peanut' next video has been delayed. We expect it to appear her by mid-May!

Listen to Peanut the Doxie tell his story:


Peanut the Doxie's story is brought to you by Karen Little of Sketch-Views. Peanut and his dog buddies appear on "kid's things" in our Redbubble shop. You might want to take a look!

Story, staging and © copyright by Karen Little

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