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Peanut the Doxie digs it!

Peanut the Doxie digs a hole, an illustration by Karen Little

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I love flying. I fly all the time but digging is fun. I dig all the time.

Mom says "Peanut, don't dig in the garden." But the garden is soft. Real soft. I dig when she isn't looking.

I dig big holes. Sometimes I put things in the holes. I put my red ball in a hole, but I did not cover it up.

Billy took the ball out of the hole. He threw it to me so I could fly. I like flying! I fly when I chase balls.

Soft dirt is best. I get dirt between my toes. It feels good! I get dirt on my belly, too. Mom doesn't like that. Mom sprays me with a hose. I hate hoses!

I love water. Swimming in the pond is fun. I dig holes around the pond. The dirt is soft and wet. But I hate hoses! I can't splash under a hose!

Digging in soft dirt is the best!

I try to dig holes in front of the big chair in the soft rug. The rug is tough. It tickles my paws, but no hole.

Every day I try digging a hole in front of the big chair. I dig and dig. Mom says "No, Peanut! No!" So I stop digging. That is not fun.

Maybe someday mom will put dirt in front of the big chair. That would be fun. I love fun!

Listen to Peanut the Doxie tell his story:


Peanut the Doxie's story is brought to you by Karen Little of Sketch-Views. Peanut and his dog buddies appear on "kid's things" in our Redbubble shop. You might want to take a look and maybe even buy!

Story, staging and © Peanut the Doxie copyright by Karen Little

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